We have the manifestos, now we must get the votes

Why would turkey’s vote for Christmas? If they were unaware that they were on the menu and had been lulled into a belief that the turkey farmers were really concerned about their welfare (how else would regular meals be provided with no effort on their part) then they might not think too deeply about the dietary implications of the festive season.

We now have both the Tory and Labour Manifestos and both give a clear idea of the politics behind them. We recommend that for maximum effectiveness in dealing with the media barrage against the Labour Party the time should be taken to read both manifestos.

You can download the Labour Manifesto HERE and the Tory manifesto HERE.

Also see Labour comments on the Tory manifesto HERE.

Labour has a plan for regenerating the economy and for making the public services effectively serve the public. The Tory’s approach is to differentiate and divide people for its so-called “meritocracy”. This is nowhere clearer seen than in education. Labour would restore the right of Councils to create new schools. The Tories, on the other hand would promote schools which divide children by creating new grammar schools. We need to explain that selecting some children as the “bright ones” at the age of eleven means that the majority of children are implicitly classified as the “dull ones” at that age. It is difficult to imagine a more damaging approach to education.

Similar arguments can be developed across all the major policies. Look at the different approaches to housing, health, pensions and the economy.

Now in the few weeks remaining before the election everyone who can see the damage the Tories will do needs to understand the different offers and to get out there and contribute in whatever way they can to the election of Labour candidates. In Hounslow that means helping the campaigns of Ruth Cadbury and Seema Malhotra.


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