General Election 2017 – Hounslow

Ruth Cadbury

Both candidates for the Hounslow parliamentary constituencies retained their seats for Labour. Ruth Cadbury not only held the Brentford and Isleworth constituency with an increased majority but with a massive increase in the Labour vote of 13.6%. Labour was ahead of the Tories in every single ward.

Ruth got 57.4% of the total vote in a higher than average turnout (72.4%). Her majority of 12,182 transformed her previous fragile majority of 465. Brentford & Isleworth now has a solid Labour majority. It was also good to note that the share of the vote for the conservative candidate, Mary McLeod, went down by 5.3%. Winning a majority 12,182 was the result of hard work and retaining it will depend on continuing that work.

The Lib Dems had been increasing their chair of the vote up until 2015 when that share dropped from 23.7% (when Ann Keen was the Labour candidate) to 4% in 2015 (when Ruth stood for the first time). This time a minor recovery brought then to 4.99% so presumably they lost their deposit

The full results for Brentford & Isleworth were

Party Candidate Votes % % change
Labour Ruth Cadbury 35,364 57.4 +13.6
Conservative Mary McLeod 23,182 37.6 -5.3
Lib Dem Joe Bourke 3,083 5.0 +1
Seema Malhotra

Seema Malhotra retained the seat for Feltham and Heston. She got 61.2% of the vote which produced a majority of 15,603. The turnout was below average at 64.9%.

The UKIP vote collapsed from 6,209 in 2015 to 1,510 which goes some way to explaining the increase in the Tory vote. Some of that collapse will also have produced some returning Labour voters.

The full results for Feltham and Heston were

Party Candidate Votes % % change
Labour Seema Malhotra 32,462 61.2 +8.2
Conservative Samir Jassal 16,859 31.8 +2.7
UKIP Stuart Agnew 1510 2.8 -9.7
Lib Dem Hina Malik 1,387 2.6 -0.6
Green Tony Firkins 809 1.5 -1.3


Brentford and Isleworth

Feltham & Heston

Two Hounslow councillors stood as parliamentary candidates. Ed Mayne stood against Conservative Chris Grayling in Epson & Ewell. It is a Tory safe seat but the Labour share of the vote increased by an impressive 9.5% to reach 25%. Katherine Dunne stood in Twickenham where Vince Cable wrested the seat back from the Tories. She got a 9.2% share of the vote which was a drop of 2.3% from 2015.


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